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The bundler isn't just books anymore.  Check out our new BIG BOXES of multimedia items. DVD's, CD's and VHS.

big box of 130 DVD's sold by the book bundler. Bulk DVD

★ [How do you make your DVD big boxes?]

Every DVD is opened and visually inspected that the disc inside is the original version and intact. 

  • We DO NOT check to see if discs are working. 
  • We DO NOT check to see if discs are scratched.
  • The vast majority of discs will work and are in good used condition or better
  • We DO NOT include bootlegged or burned CD's. 
  • DVD's will come with original case and jewel art.
  • We do recommend getting a 'disc resurfacer' if you are buying a big box as well as disc cleaner.
  • Some boxes will contain occasional duplicates/triple of a movie.  We do not offer replacements, the amount of duplicates will be rare if at all.

Boxes are sorted and made at the Book Bundler facility in Richmond, Virginia USA.

★ [How many DVD's come in a DVD BIG BOX?]

Roughly 130 DVD's packed into a 12x12x24 BIG BOX.  Sometimes a couple more, sometimes a couple less. That's $1.15 a DVD, and all of our boxes are guaranteed to contain popular mainstream movies and titles across all genre's.  

★ [What Genre's will be included?]

A little bit of everything.  There will not be any animated kids DVD's(those are in our 'Kids' DVD box, but there WILL be family DVD's (Harry Potter is a good example of a 'family' DVD and often included in these boxes. 


bulk DVD's

★ [What is the Book Bundler!?]

Just like the name says, we sell boxes of kids books at bulk discounts.   Sometimes called ‘mystery boxes’, every book box we make is unique and one of a kind.  You won't know what titles you are getting until you open the box.  It's a surprise!  You may occasionally see a duplicate or a damaged book, these are backed by our amazing ‘Replacement Guarantee’.   Send us a message and we will replace them fast and free, you do not need to return or do anything! 

Every box of pre-owned Book bundler books has been hand sorted and selected to give a good variety of popular books, titles and authors, as well as different shapes and sizes.  Books are pre-owned, they will not be ‘new releases’, but will contain well-known and rare titles alike. 


Replacement Guarantee & Returns

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