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That means you can get 10, 25, 50 or even 100's of books for up to 90-95% off retail. Looking for something specific?  Here's a list of our children's book categories with a brief explanation, feel free to click if you want to view those products.  

  • Mixed Boxes - Titles are chosen randomly, bigger savings for more books.  We have pure AR boxes for all our Bundler BFF teacher's out there.

  • Popular Sets and Series - Here you will find all the most Popular Sets & Series.  Little Critters, Dr Seuss, Magic Treehouse, Diary of a Wimpy Kid just to name a few!


Goosebumps Children's chapter books

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Children's Chapter Books


No subscriptions or hidden costs. 
Buy boxes as you need them, when you need them. Did you know?  We also sell Books for Adults.
That means if you order a box of books, and any of them don't match our quality standards, we will replace them for you fast and FREE of charge.  Customer service is our number 1 goal, need help? Send us a message!
We are committed to low prices. 
    That means monthly sales and FREE SHIPPING for any order over $75.  We also release discount codes every few weeks!  We have two 'conditions' of books.
    • Very Good - These are our higher quality pre-owned books, individually checked for condition.  All boxes are VERY GOOD good condition unless it is stated they are BEATERS.
    • BEATER - All of our boxes are Very Good unless they are marked as BEATER.  Beater's are ex-library books with cosmetic wear to the exterior.  If you don't mind your books a little more worn, these sell for even greater discouts!
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      Did you know? If book publishers overprint a run of books, they often pay paper pulpers to destroy the overprinted run?  These are brand new books being printed and then destroyed!  It's MADNESS.

      Shop our store and start a lifetime love of reading today!  Save-a-book and show the publishers you won't give in to the obscene markups.  

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