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What is the Book Bundler? 

The Book Bundler is an online used bulk books bookstore. We are owned and operated by certifiable book lovers.




Replacements, Returns, and Cancellations

THE BOOK BUNDLER REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: If any of our books do not meet our stringent quality guidelines, we will replace them free of charge!  

As fellow book lovers, we know the hassle of handing over hard-earned cash only to receive less-than-stellar books. That's why we've developed our own custom book-sorting processes to give you a high-quality and consistent product. We are so certain that we can deliver a reliable product to you that every order is backed by our Book Replacements Guarantee.

*Custom Orders, Unique Daily Deals & Bundles by Theme are not eligible for replacements under our replacement guarantee.


  • Limit 1 replacement request per order after receiving order
  • Requests must be made within 30 days of receiving order
  • 10% of order total per Replacement Request
  • Replacement Orders will be shipped out within 5-14 business days

For Premium Used Books,

Our free replacement service will replace the following problems in an order 

  • Heavily Damaged  Exterior
  • Ex-library on the outside of the book
  • Heavy Water damage 
  • Heavy soiling 
  • Duplicate books* within order
  • Duplicate books* from previous orders
  • Books you already own
  • Religious in non-religious products (this does not apply to commonly celebrated holidays.)
  • Stickers on pages - We do not cover stickers on the cover of the book.
  • Heavily written in/on - We do not cover previous owners names or inscriptions as heavy writing.
  • Wrong language 

    For BEATER Used Books,

    Our free replacement service will replace the following problems in an order 

    • Duplicates*
    • Books you already own
    • Unreadable text - this means writing or stickers heavy enough to obscure reading parts of the text.
    • Missing pages/parts of books - this does not apply to paperback covers with small nicks/tears or small missing corners.
    • Heavy soiling 
    • Religious in non-religious products (this does not apply to commonly celebrated holidays.)
    • Wrong language 

    We do NOT replace these types of books

    • Not age appropriate 
    • Customer does not like book for it's genre, contents, or story 
    • 'Outdated' - We grade by condition of the book, not when it was written.

    * = We do discourage attempting to purchase a total number of books close to or more than the total number of books in the series. (For example, there are only 12 books total in the Captain Underpants series). We do not have every book in a series available at any given time, so we cannot guarantee no duplicates in those situations.


    To file for your free replacements for an order, please provide the following information.

    If you are requesting we replace 10% of your order or less:

    • Order #
    • Number of books you need replaced
    • What kind of books do you need replaced? (example - board books, hardcover kids, chapter books etc.)
    • Initials on white packing sticker inside package

    If you are requesting we replace 10% or more books:  

    • Order #
    • Number of books you need replaced
    • What kind of books do you need replaced? (example - board books, hardcover kids, chapter books etc.)
    • Initials on white packing sticker inside package
    • PHOTOS* - failure to provide photos will result in automatic rejection of request.

    Photo Requirements for replacement requests over 10% - If you are requesting we replace more than 10 books in an order we will require photographic evidence of the damage of every book in your request.

    • Damaged: photo should show the damage
    • Water Damage: photo should show water damage
    • Duplicated: photo should show the duplicated books side-by-side
    • Religious in non-religious product: photo should show the religious content - commonly celebrated holidays do not count.
    • Stickers on book pages: photo should show unreadable pages because of stickers - stickers on the front/back cover will be rejected.
    • Heavily written in/on: photo should show the writing
    • Wrong language: photo should show the wrong language

    Missing and Lost Books - If an order is missing books or never delivered, please contact us as soon as you are able and we will start the process of locating your lost or missing order. 

    • Missing books within an order - Send us a clear photograph of the packing slip showing the box contents.  Please send any photographs of box damage, or notes or messages from USPS that the box was either damaged in transit or subject to media mail inspection.  Resolution and re-delivery can take up to 2 weeks.
    • Missing books in pre-bagged boxes - For claims of missing books in Mixed Box products, we will need photographs of all of the bags and sticker labels that came with the order. 
    • Lost Books - Please send tracking information and any information that you believe relevant.  Please note - UPS case resolutions on lost packages can take between 2-4 weeks for resolution but typically have a 100% success rate in finding the lost package.  USPS resolution and re-delivery can take up to 2 weeks.

    Ready to try it out? Click Here to Setup Replacements

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    What is your return & refund policy?



    • Return any order within 30 days for a refund MINUS original shipping costs.  Orders over $100 subject to 25% restocking fee.  No exceptions.
    • Orders under $100 subject to a 10% restocking fee.
    • Customers are responsible for return shipping charges. Please consider using our Replacement Guarantee instead of returning to avoid paying return shipping charges + restocking fees.
    • Missing books will subject the entire order to a 50% restocking fee
    • Customers are responsible for making sure we receive returns. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items during return transit. Please pack and seal your returns securely.
    • To expedite the refund process, please send customer service the return tracking information.
    • *Custom Orders Not Eligible for Return/Refund: Due to the time and effort required to create a custom order, these are not eligible for return or refund.

    Ship Returns to: 

    215 E German School Rd
    Richmond, VA 23224
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    What is your cancellation policy?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel orders once placed. Once an order has been created in our system, we are unable to remove it from the fulfillment operation without significant disruption. We do apologize for this inconvenience. You can return your order as soon as you receive it for a refund, or take advantage of our awesome Replacement Guarantee!
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    Shipping & Tracking Information

    When will my order ship/arrive?

    Orders typically ship 2-4 days after being placed and are usually received within 5 business days of shipping, larger orders may take longer. Total transit time for order is typically 4-8 business days.  

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    How will I know when my order has shipped?

    You will receive a shipping confirmation email once your order has shipped. It will contain your order number and your tracking number. If you did not provide an email on your order, send us a message with the email and your order number/the name on your order.

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    I'm not receiving any order updates. What should I do?

    Use the following process to determine your course of action.

    1. Make sure you entered an email address on your order. If you did not, send us a message and we will add one to your order and provide you with updates.
    2. Check to make sure it has been 5 full business days since you've placed your order. For a definition of "business day," click here.
    3. Double check your email, include your Junk/Spam folder, to see if your order/shipping confirmation email is there. 

    If you've done all of these things and still are not receiving order updates, send us a message with your order number or the name on your order.

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    Do you ship internationally?

    We can only ship to the continental U.S., we do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.  

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    My order is "confirmed." What does that mean?

    USPS and UPS create tracking numbers once your order is delivered to a facility. Your order is shipped alongside several others on large pallets that are sent to a USPS/UPS scanning facility. If your order is "confirmed," it means it has been received by USPS/UPS but has not been scanned. It will be scanned, so please be patient! Despite what their tracking may say, the package is at their facility.

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    I ordered expedited shipping. Why hasn't my order been shipped?

    Purchasing expedited shipping does not affect our processing time, which is the time frame needed to fill your order. Expedited shipping only increases the speed and security of the delivery of your order, which we do not handle.

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    My tracking hasn't updated for a while. What should I do?

    Make sure it has been 5 days since your tracking was last updated. Additionally, make sure to read through the tracking notes to see if there is any issue preventing delivery. If there is not, please send us a message.

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    My order was marked as delivered, but I haven't received it.

    Occasionally, USPS will mark orders as delivered before they are actually delivered. If your order has been marked as delivered but you still haven't received it, please wait 5 business days for it to arrive. If it still hasn't arrived, send us a message. If you ordered via UPS, only wait 1 business day. 

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    My books never arrived/I received an empty box. How can I get my books?

    If your books never arrive and it has been more than 5 business days since your order was marked as delivered or since the indicated delivery date on your tracking, please send us a message. If you were sent an empty box, please include photos of the box and any notes from USPS/UPS indicating that the box was opened, if they exist.

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    Can I pick up my books myself?

    Yes you can! Place your order and give us a call at (804) 308-8803 to inform us that you'll be picking up your package in-person and what day/time. We will refund any shipping costs for local pick-up orders.

    We are located at 215 East German School Road, Richmond VA 23224

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    Ordering Information

    What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, Google Pay, and Amazon accounts through our website. 

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    How do I pay using a purchase order?

    We are now accepting purchase orders from verified schools and organizations.

    Please complete the PO Request Form (linked here) and email us your complete PO at


    Your PO should contain

    • Organization/School Name
    • Shipping Address 
    • Billing Address (if different from shipping)
    • The exact products, book bundle sizes, and quantities you are ordering
    • Phone #
    • Tax Exemption Information (if applicable)
    • We will email you a printable W-9 upon request.


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    Product Information

    Are your books new or used and how do you grade condition?

    All of our books are gently used and/or donated, and graded by us for condition. Please view our Replacement Policy if you feel you've received books that don't meet our quality guidelines..

    We offer two grades of books. Premium Used and BEATER conditions.

    PREMIUM Used - Books are clean and may contain a previous owners name or inscription on the inside. Occasionally books will contain small or inconsequential page creases or bends, small 'nicks' or inconsequential tears on pages or small bar-coded inventory stickers.

    BEATER Used - Ex-library books and books with cosmetic wear to cover. We make sure all BEATERS have all the pages and are still readable. These typically sell for 30% less than our Premium Used boxes.  

    If a product does not explicitly state 'BEATER' it is a premium used or better condition.

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    My order contains old books?

    We grade by the condition of the book, not by when it was published.  Our books are used, which means they will never contain the "newest" releases. Additionally, many stories published much earlier are re-released every year or two.  So if a book copyright states 1955, but the book is in great condition, it typically means a books was reprinted very recently.  Besides, it's the content inside, not the age that matters!

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    I didn't receive this book in my order!

    We do not guarantee that a customer will receive any specific book in their order. Titles are chosen at random for each book bundle. 

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    What ages are the books suitable for?

    Suitable ages are listed in the title of the products.

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    Will I receive any duplicates if I order two boxes on the same order?

    We work hard to make sure each book you receive is unique. However, duplicates may occur in large orders, but it is typically 1% of the total order quantity. If you do receive duplicates, send us a message and we will issue replacements.

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    Will I receive any duplicates if I order two or more sets or series on the same order?

    You will not. We ensure that each title you receive is unique. If you receive any duplicates, send us a message and will issue replacements. We do discourage attempting to purchase a total number of books close to or more than the total number of books in the series (For example, there are only 12 books total in the Captain Underpants series). We do not have every book in a series available at any given time, so we cannot guarantee no duplicates in those situations.

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    Can you complete a series if I already own some of the titles?

    We are not able to do this currently. We currently cannot take title request unless you would like to start a Custom Book Order.

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    How are sets and series titles selected? Do they go in order?

    As with all products, all titles are randomly selected. They do not go in order.

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    Company Information

    What is The Book Bundler?

    We are a company of book lovers who love to spread the love of reading! We believe that reading can change the world and that every book, no matter how used, deserves a good home. 

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    Why sell children's books?

    Children are the future, and we want to enrich their minds so they can take our world to places we could never imagine. Research shows that reading at a young age increases intelligenceempathyvocabulary, listening skills, spelling, and overall cognitive development. We want to make reading accessible and affordable for all children.

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    Why should I choose The Book Bundler?

    We offer the largest number of high-quality, gently-used books at the lowest prices. Simple as that. We care about customer satisfaction deeply and want you to have a pleasant ordering experience.

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    What is the best way to contact you?

    Through our website chat(bottom left corner).  www.thebookbundler.com?chat

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    Where are you located? / Where can I mail things to you?

    Our physical/returns address is

    215 E German School Rd,

    Richmond, VA 23234

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    Can I come in and pack my own books?

    We currently do not have the ability for customers to pack their own books. 

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    Do you accept donations?

    We do! You can either mail books to us or drop them off in-person at our storefront. Our address is the same for both and is listed above.

    Can we sell books to you?

    We are always looking to purchase quantities in large supply(multiple pallets) .  If you run a book selling operation and would like to sell your 'cast-offs' to us please send us a message through Facebook.

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    Why was I issued a warning about a comment I left on your Facebook page?

    We understand that it can be frustrating if there's an issue with your order and you can't get immediate results.  We promise, it's not our intention ever to upset you.  

    We prohibit the following from being posted on our customer reviews page or any of our posts:

    • Customer service messages
    • Complaints on posts/comments
    • Comments exhibiting behavior that constitutes harassment, including trolling

    If you have received a warning, it means we will issue a permanent ban from our page and service should the offending behavior continue. Please reach out to us through the proper communication channels to resolve issues with an order and we will listen and fix the problem ♥ .

    Problems with an order? Send us a message here!