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Awesome titles, great condition.

Got A Great Collection Of Books

Decided to order a 2nd box of books and wanted to give the Beater YA paperback books a try and I was happy with what I got! So many books that I never heard of but I'm interested to read! And though they are considered beater books, they looked good to me.

Decided to order a 2nd box of books and wanted to give the middle school chapter books a try.
The only book I recognized was The Incredible Journey. I watched the movie when I was a kid, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was a book! I got a lot of historical books, that I'm not a fan of, but I'm willing to give them a read, esp. since they are very short.

Great price per book, but a surprising amount of badly damaged books...

I love reusing books and really see it as a great value for someone needing to fill a library. Teachers, non profits, pediatric offices would love the value of these bundles as they're already "well loved" and will only go through more use. However, for a mom filling up their home library, this wouldn't be the best choice as I've found several torn out and missing pages (which takes a great deal away from story telling as you could imagine), ripped of flaps (for the lift the flap or pop up book titles), and colored/dyed pages. It's one thing to resell used books and another to sell books that are damaged to the point the actual story is compromised. So I was disappointed in the bundle I got as I really only used about 1/2 - 2/3rds of the actual selection.

great purchase

Love the idea of bulk book purchasing. My wife loves Nora Roberts. She had read some but not most so it was a great buy and adds to her collections.

Not very impressed

I was actually kind of disappointed when I open the box I ended up throwing probably 20 of the books away because they look like they were from 1970 or they were scribbled all over in or they weren’t actually books you read they were just like activity books. I bought these to give to my kindergarten students so they would have books to read over the summer. There were some decent books but I wouldn’t order again.

Good Variety

Good variety of books and in overall good condition. Had 1 book that was damaged with something on it. Overall happy with the purchase

Thin Chapter Books (ages 6-9)

Great Books

Great condition. Nice selections. Will get more.

Happy customer

I was very pleased with the bundle. I received books I have been wanting to read. I will definitely be purchasing again!!


Loved my books! So excited to use them with my students this coming school year!

This is the best deal ever

So I have a 3-year-old grandbaby and I'm going to tell you that this is probably the best investment for her enrichment. We were able to completely fill her library an entire four shelves of bookshelves for under $150. We ordered three huge boxes of books. This was such a treat. She loved opening all of it the first night we read 26 books. We've had to cut her down to three a night, but this was definitely something that I will do in the future and have I already told my sisters all about it..

Scholastic BOB Books
Barbara Valentine
Not so good

I did not care for the Scholastic books. Was disappointed in the last shipment.

Big Beautiful Kids Classic Literature Books

Loved all these books. Such a great selection and d in such great condition

Didn’t realize they would all be “beater” as in bad quality.

Lots off great books.

Build your own book box
Barbara Valentine
So so

I was not as pleased with this bundle of books. Many of them were scholastic paperbacks with only 6-10 pages. A bit disappointing.

Not the books I was expecting

I thought I would receive the books advertised, not some random children's books.
I was hoping to get some banned books, but the ones I received were never banned.

Hello Bridget,
All of our books in each bundle are chosen at random as specificed in the product description. Each box of books is a surprise!

We do offer our Replacement Guarantee if you recieve books you already owned; we will send you free replacements books up to 10% of your order. It's easy as 1, 2, 3 and A, B, C to submit a replacemnt request! You can learn more about our Replacement Guarantee and instructions in our FAQ.

Somewhat happy

Hi there! I’ve used you before and recommend you to all my teacher friends. I absolutely love y’all! I know and expect to get used books but a lot of them were damaged when I got them. Binds broken and torn.
Thankfully my class is three year olds and loved them in their library but I had to tape several of them

Mystery, James Patterson and History bundles

Excellent choices, books in great shape, very well packaged and shipping on time. I've recommended to family and friends.

Better than Beater!

I just received 3 collections of beater chapter books. Nice assortment, much better condition than "beater" would imply, although definitely used. Would buy again!

Very disappointing order. I ordered 2 classics and I
received several duplicates in the same box. I sent a request the same day to request a correction and never received a reply. not impressed with your customer service

Hello Linda,
We are happy to send you replacements thanks to our Repalcement Guarentee! We will send you FREE replacement books up to 10% of your order!
Please email us directly at or use our 'Chat with Us' button near the bottom right corner of our website to start your Replacement Request.

Thin Chapter Books (ages 6-9)

Good Quality

I got a great quality and variety of books. I suppose my only complaint really would be getting 3 books I already owned. I’m not really sure how that could be controlled however.