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Books for my boys

Quick shipment and my boys love the bundle!!!

Wonderful service and products

The books arrived promptly, in Aggie’s shape, and for a good price. My grandson is thrilled with them.

I haven't read those books yet .. but I have read Janet evanovich... I'm on my 4th book ....

These are GREAT!

I got what I ordered, 70 harlequin books!!
The only thing I'll be a little picky about is this-
I received 5 "intrige" novels and 13 "love inspired." I know that those are still harlequin, but seeing as they have those listed separately on the site, I was hoping I would not receive any. I will still read them!! I just wish I would have known this was a chance before ordering. 💖💖💖

Nice group of books

The classics were awesome. Included Tale of 2 cities, Jane Eyre, Alls Quiet on the western Front and the House of 7 gables. All great classics.

Bestsellers - Adult Trade Paperback Books

BEATER Illustrated Paperbacks Kids Books


Received multiple books with same author. Was hoping for more diversity.

Good price not great selection

The price was pretty good. I wish that the selection was less easy readers and more early chapter books or something like that. More substance less twaddle.

Hi! We do sell early chapter books(search thin chapters on the website), but the product you purchased was only illustrated reading paperbacks

They are vintage. Not all are classics.

I did not receive the order at my house.


I love historical novels and romance. They have picked out a good selection for me. The books all arrived in great shape.

Build your own book box
Amanda Riddell

Lots of new unique books for my little one to enjoy!

Great condition

My grandkids love their books! I'm so glad I found the site and am giving used books another chance.

Very nice selection.

I honestly was surprised of the range you were able to provide. Especially the non English books. Will definitely keep The Book Bundler as my go to source .

Bestsellers Adult - Hardcover Books

Little Golden Books

History & War - Adult Hardcover Books


A little dissappointed in the titles of about half the books otherwise good took a while to get it

Hardy Boys Books
jeanne hoffman-weisel

Hardy Boys Books

Pile of Books

Books arrived in one box without any difficulty. I haven't had a chance to read any of them yet, can't decide which one to start with. They all look interesting and have great titles. It seems to be a great value for the price and will recommend to the readers I know.

Just a NO for me

I found out about the Book Bundler site from the TikTok video reviews. I followed the way the videos showed they ordered, thinking I would get books similar to the amazing ones they had. I did not have the same experience. I do not like a single book from the 10 hardbacks I recieved. No offense to any of the authors, but these are not my taste preference at all. And a few are more religious oriented, which I do not like.) I'm super disappointed and wish I had just used my budgeted book money for ones I knew I would like. Getting a foot of books had me so excited, anticipating the surprise. But the actual books left me sad and feeling like I wasted my money. Either the TikToks are lies, or I just have crap luck!

Hi April, the books you purchased were adult bestselling titles, not YA/young adult. Please be sure to read the product descriptions before ordering!

Mystery Thriller Mass Market - Giant Book Box


I already had three in my collection. Not allowing any kind of choice is less than satisfactory.

Hi Randie,
We understand that purchasing a surprise box of books, theres a chance you may get a book you already have. Did you know that we have a Replacement Guanentee for issues like this? We will send you FREE replacement books up to 10% of your order! It's fast and easy to enter a replacement request, learn more here:

Duplicates in my collection

I already had two in my collection. One was a beater book.