How we make our SURPRISE book boxes

We tried something new at the Book Bundler

We let our staff make their own book boxes.

Well, I mean we gave them guidelines first.

Certain books for certain ages, but we let them pick.

We encouraged them to include the popular sets & series in every box

We taught them how to pack the boxes so they could get the MAXIMUM amount of books in every box

We gave them GIANT 12 x 12 x 18 boxes to fill.

We are calling them 'Surprise' Boxes

And most importantly

We told our staff to envision a child opening these boxes.

We told our staff to build boxes they would be proud of.

We know these boxes cost a little more

But they are bigger than our old 'Big Boxes'

And every box was hand-picked for you



And did we mention? All Giant Book boxes are FREE SHIPPING.

Benefits of Bundling

Big Savings

We bundle used books in bulk so you save. These aren't little savings either. Because you buy in volume, we are able to mark our prices down in a big way. Giant boxes of books for $1-2 a book. We sell the cheapest used books on the internet.

Reading is Good

We could name numerous studies, but you probably already know this. Whether it's bonding with a child while reading them a story, or curling up with your new favorite book. We give you plenty of books to choose from.


Imagine the joy in a child's face as they open and explore a giant box of books. Our staff delights in crafting the perfect 'SURPRISE!' in every box. We are so committed to this vision that its our company tagline.

Go Green

Did you know?

We buy books that are slated to be recycled or dumped in a landfill. Even though many of these books are new & popular titles, they are overpublished so much that they cannot be sold individually.

Every book you buy from The Bundler is a book you saved.

Customer Reviews

customer review Ashley - 5 out of 5 stars.  love the variety of books you can get in a single box.

Our Guarantee

Nobody likes a bad surprise

We know. You are playing the 'what-if' game. The surprise box sounds great, but what if I get duplicate books? What if I get books I hate or don't want? 


We are so confident you'll love the 'surprise!' in our book boxes that we back every order with a replacement guarantee.


But let's be real. Every now and then a bad surprise happens.  If any books don't meet your expectations, we will replace them FAST and FREE.


You don't need to return anything, simply send customer service a message, and well ship out replacement books immediately.


We hate bad surprises just as much as you. You can buy with confidence with our replacement guarantee.