BEATER books
less than $2 each

What is a BEATER book?

A BEATER book is a noticeably used book sold by

It is different from the premium used books in that the outside of the book looks used.

Why do we call them beaters?

The books look a little beat up.

Why choose BEATER books?


'BEATER' books are the cheapest books we sell. In fact, these are the cheapest books you can find on the internet.

If you are buying books to read or to be read and you don't mind a little wear, then our BEATER books are sure to delight.

Quality Titles

Just because they have a little wear doesn't mean these are bad books. In fact these boxes will contain a mix of EVERYTHING.  

Think about it like this.

What kind of book is more likely to be read A LOT?

A popular book, or an obscure title?

If you said popular book, BINGO.

Our BEATER book boxes routinely contain the most popular series, authors and titles. We never send books that are too damaged to be read.

Rescue Books only buys books that are slated to be recycled or dumped in a landfill.  

Did you know? Many books are so overpublished that they cannot be sold individually.

We are the last chance stop for used books.

Every book you buy from is a book you saved from destruction while building toward a greener tomorrow.

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Buy BEATER and save

When you buy BEATER quality books you save.

You save money.

You save time.

and you save books.

In fact we are so certain you'll be happily surprised at our BEATER books, that we back everything by our Replacement Guarantee.

If any books don't meet our quality standards, we will replace them fast and free.

You don't have to return anything, just send customer service a message and we will ship out replacements for you lightning fast..

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