YA Young Adult Hardcover Books
YA Young Adult Hardcover Books
YA Young Adult Hardcover Books
YA Young Adult Hardcover Books

YA Young Adult Hardcover Books

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Just like our other YA young adult products, except these are only sturdy hardcovers!  All hardcovers come with the original dustjacket if published with one and are generally in excellent condition

young adult hardcovers sold by the book bundler


Examples of included young adult genres

  • Mystery/suspense/thriller
  • romance
  • Science-fiction
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Military
Order Details
  • Ideal for: Ages 13 and up
  • Payment: Paypal, Amazon Pay, and all major credit cards
  • Conditions: High Quality pre-owned books; All books are quality checked by our staff prior to shipping.  We remove worn, old, damaged and dirty books for recycling.  And if we miss one, well it's backed by our no-hassle replacement guarantee.
  • Standard Box - Books in excellent condition!  They look almost new!
  • BEATERS - Ex-library and books with noticeable exterior wear.  
  • Book Age: 1990-Present
  • Titles:  Randomly selected.  Every box is unique like a snowflake. Guaranteed.  While occasional duplicates may occur across large orders it is rare and backed by our replacement guarantee.
  • Shipping: 
    • USPS/UPS 2-5 business days
    • All orders ship with valid tracking information
  • Returns:  Satisfaction is guaranteed, take advantage of our replacement guarantee, or return for 30 days for any reason for a full refund.
    Replacement Guarantee
    • If you receive
      • Duplicates
      • Dirty or worn books
      • Damaged books

    We will replace free of charge.  All you have to do is