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DISCLAIMER - The books used in these bundles are all slated to be destroyed for pulp by other booksellers. As a last resort, we buy these books in bulk in an attempt to save and rehome them one last time. We consider books to be both visual and informational art, there is no wrong way to enjoy them.

Books by Color Catalog

Modern Books by Color

Modern books are typically published after 1970 with invent of the ISBN(international standard book number). They are called 'modern' because two standard sizes are common

  • 8.5 inches high by 5.75 inches deep
  • 9.25 inches high by 6.5 inches deep
  • These two dimenions gives modern books a more uniform appearance on bookshelves. Modern book publishers also take advantage of the full color spectrum with bright and vivid colors as well as the standard blacks and reds.

Our Modern Books Colors

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Modern Red

Modern Burgundy

Modern Orange

Modern Sandstone

Modern Yellow

Modern Light Green

Modern Forest Green

Modern Teal

Modern Light Blue

denim mid blue books

Modern Mid Blue

modern navy books by color

Modern Navy

modern indigo decorative books by color

Modern Indigo

Modern Purple

Modern White

Modern Cream

Modern Black

Modern Charcoal

Modern Gray Mix

Modern Coffee & Cream

ocean breeze books by color

Modern Ocean Breeze

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Vintage Books by Color

We date our Vintage books from 1970 to 1920. Prior to the ISBN being accepted as the industry standard, book sizes and shapes varied greatly. Our vintage grade books are older books, usually with a cloth backing, (though sometimes cool case laminate is saved as well(retro style).

We inspect and repair all of our vintage books to make sure these timeless treasures will continue to last.


Vintage Red

Vintage Burgundy

Vintage Sandstone

Vintage Yellow

Vintage Light Green

Vintage Forest Green

Vintage Teal

Vintage Light Blue

Vintage Denim blue

vintage navy books by color

Vintage Navy

Vintage Black

Vintage Gray

Vintage Brown

Vintage Cream

Vintage Shabby Mix